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Dubplates mp3 shop is now open offering you some very exclusive music all our goods are digital and are instantly available after payment is made.

Our featured artists and producers have years of recording experience so you can be assured our mp3s will reach you in the finest quality mastered at 320k 44100 khz. All mp3s are 100% I pod compatible and will work in any mp3 playing device, and of course you can compile your own audio CD to play these tracks.

What is a dubplate?

A Dubplate is also known as a (dub or special) this is a pressing used mainly by DJ's to play and promote the song, exclusive one off track, instrumental, acapella, or pre-release song. Mainly its use is to promote and test how well a track will sound and go down in a rave, club, dance-hall or radio. This can save you a fortune if you intend to press to vinyl witch on its own can cost up to £500 for 1 record.
This dub-plate is recorded on to "acetate" this looks like a regular record but its quite a bit thicker and a very brittle material. The life span of a dubplates is very limeted and usually you can only get about 50-100 plays at a high sound quality before the sound then deteriorates.
Dub-plates cost around £35 cut (press) and up to £500 to purchase, This makes them very exclusive for djs or to own.

Our music comes straight from the dubplate master and is recorded at 320k 44100 kHz and now made available for you to own and instantly download for a fraction of the price.


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